"Pulled From The Ruins," the longest EP in the world, is here!

We've compiled all the singles which accompanied "The Ruins of Tropicalia" (plus many bonus tracks) have been compiled into a very long EP called "Pulled From The Ruins." Click Play above, or go to Bandcamp to download (pay what you want, including free). You can also download it at iTunes or Amazon, or stream it at Rhapsody or Spotify.  


"The Ruins of Tropicalia" has also been compiled into a single volume. Details on that here

Here are the liner notes from "Pulled From The Ruins":

Pulled From The Ruins is the longest EP in the world (probably), clocking in at just over 70 minutes. Everyone knows--having been proven long ago and time and again by MATH--that quantity equals quality. So...you’re welcome. 

We didn’t want to tout it as a full album because only the first nine tracks are new, original songs; and only the first seven are studio recordings (the other two were recorded live in generally less-than-ideal circumstances in Tropicalia without the full band). These nine songs comprise a soundtrack of sorts to The Ruins of Tropicalia, the serialized book which I co-wrote and edited. But they’re also meant to stand on their own. The first seven songs in particular are us rediscovering our collective voice after a too-long period of inactivity, partially caused by my retreat to Tropicalia. And a lot happened down there that needed more than mere words to properly describe. Thus, we began the hard but rewarding work of rescuing what we could from the ruins of Tropicalia. 

PFTR begins with those seven full band songs. They’re followed by two “field recordings” made in Tropicalia during the events described in the book. “‘Hey,’ Regina Said” came about when Regina Porter (a fellow TROT co-writer) told me she had a rebuttal to the song we recorded on our first album that might have been about her. I wrote “Satellite Delay” in Tropicalia as my world (and the wider one) began falling apart. Instead of re-recording it with all the guys, we included the raw, live, solo version recorded while some of the climactic events of the book occurred in the background. 

There was still a lot of available album space after the nine new songs. We realized we had a lot of material we wanted to share that we hadn’t yet made widely available. “Heroine” is our attempt to create something new by combining elements of two classic songs--”Heroes” by David Bowie and “Heroin” by The Velvet Underground. “Hold Me Up” was released on a now-unavailable EP called Signal. “Hey My” is a raw rock song that happened to be one of the very first songs we wrote as a band--though it’s mostly Drew’s baby. “Sweetheartbreaker” is another early song; one of the few I sang before I realized it was better to leave the singing to the pro. The final track on PFTR includes several renditions of already-released songs from Amends live shows, but ends with an impromptu guest vocal performance by Nigel Bumberpatch... 

We hope you enjoy these songs, and we thank you for your continued support. 

Watch the skies. 

- Tyler (& Drew, Chris & Shay)

We're back! (Soon!) 6/25/14!

We've written and recorded 8 brand new songs! Alright, that's enough exclamation points!

You may have heard we're involved in a brand new project called "The Ruins of Tropicalia". You can watch a trailer here, which features one of our new songs. It's an interactive, novel-length adventure story, and we are providing the music for it. Two chapters/episodes and one new single from us will premiere online and on a mobile app each week beginning 6/24/14 (our first song, called "Reappear", will be released on 6/25). 

Tyler was involved in the events recounted in TROT, and he's one of the writers of it. So in addition to the eight new songs that we wrote together based on what happened in Central America, the book will also feature music from our two studio albums as well as some alternate versions, b-sides, and covers. Considering the subject of our song "Hey Regina" (among others) was in Central America with Tyler-- as well as a contributing writer to the book-- you can see why our music was intimately involved from the beginning (Hey Regina, please don't kill us for mentioning that). 

Tyler will also be maintaining a Tumblr throughout the run of TROT where he'll discuss the events described in the book, and other related stories. Plus, we'll be using that site and this one as a place to post some recordings we've been sitting on for a while which capture the actual recording process of some of our songs. We thought it might be interesting to share, and we'll all be providing some commentary to them. 

You can sign up for reminders for TROT here (whether you're interested in just the music, the book, or both), which is also where the main site will be on 6/24. Our new songs will appear each Wednesday beginning 6/25 on that site, here on this site, and our Bandcamp page. They will also eventually show up on traditional places like iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, etc., but we haven't yet decided whether or not we'll distribute them in those places each week, or wait to compile them to the end. We'll let you know what we decide. 

We're excited to share our portion of this project. It's been a while since we've released any new music, and it feels good. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages for future updates, or sign on to our mailing list at the top right of this page. Hope you enjoy it... 

(PS, you may or may not have noticed, but now both theamendsmusic.com and theamendsband.com take you here to our site)

June Tour!

We're touring the Midwest/South in June! This is our very first tour, and we're really excited. 12 Dates/venues are listed here or here, if you prefer Facebook. More are likely to be added. Stay tuned, and we'll let you know on specific ticket links, costs, and times for each. If you're near these cities, we can't wait to see you there!

Our New Album Is Here

Our new album, "What We Could Be", is officially here! ou can stream/listen for free, or get a digital download, or physical CD all in the same place. And that is: 


Couldn't be easier, right?

We've gotten some great early reviews. Click on the publication names below to see their reviews of WWCB: 

Gas Lantern Media / Why Blue Matters / Team Hellions / Pull The Plug

If you're feeling particularly Amendsy, you can get some nice t-shirts and other things at our web store on this page

We hope you have as much fun with the album as we did making it. 

Our New Album: Digital Pre-Sale & Official Release Date Details

Hey everyone. Our second full-length album -- "What We Could Be" -- will be officially released on January 8th in physical and digital formats (on all the usual places-- Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc). But... 

We're excited about the album, and want you all to hear it as soon as possible. So you can get a digital copy much sooner than that-- more precisely one week from today, on Thursday, December 13th. It will only cost $5. All you have to do is sign up for our mailing list either at the top right side of this page, or here (http://theamendsband.fanbridge.com/) Then, on Dec. 13th, we'll email you a download link. It's that simple. 

 We can't wait for you to hear it.... 

- The Amends

Check out our brand new song, a cover we call "Heroine"

We've got a brand new song called "Heroine" that's actually a cover of two classic songs together-- "Heroin" by The Velvet Underground and "Heroes" by David Bowie. The goal was by combining them, we'd try to make a brand new story and song. You can hear it for free below. And if you'd like to download it for free, go here and follow the simple instructions. If you do, it will help us spread the word. But if you want to wait, it will be up on our Bandcamp site in about a week. Enjoy!

We've finished recording our new album...

Hi everyone, we wrapped up all the basic tracking for our brand new album (plus a few extra songs) last weekend. The guys at UI Studios will be mixing over the next few weeks, and we expect to release it in early September. A fall tour will follow shortly after that. Stay tuned, as we'll be releasing free singles and bonus songs over the next couple weeks. Sign up for our mailing list (right side of this page) to make sure you stay on top of it. 

In the meantime, our spring EP is now pay-what-you-want (free, if you so desire). Listen to it with the player on the left side of this page, or download it here

New Music! Signal (EP)

We just could not wait to share some new music with you guys!!! Of course you are the ones that make this possible! Thank you!  So we wanted to give you a little preview of what is up and coming. Our second full-length album will be released Summer, 2012.


Signal (EP) is free to listen to through bandcamp. $2 to rockout whenever and wherever you want!



Released 21 May 2012 
Produced by Evan Reeves & The Amends 
Recorded at UI Sound in Boulder, Colorado 
Recorded by Tira Neal & Evan Reeves 
Mixed by Tira Neal 
Cover Image By Ivy Lawrence 

As Always, The Amends would like to thank our families, friends, and everyone who’s helped spread the word about us.



Thank you reviewers!!!