We're back! (Soon!) 6/25/14!

We've written and recorded 8 brand new songs! Alright, that's enough exclamation points!

You may have heard we're involved in a brand new project called "The Ruins of Tropicalia". You can watch a trailer here, which features one of our new songs. It's an interactive, novel-length adventure story, and we are providing the music for it. Two chapters/episodes and one new single from us will premiere online and on a mobile app each week beginning 6/24/14 (our first song, called "Reappear", will be released on 6/25). 

Tyler was involved in the events recounted in TROT, and he's one of the writers of it. So in addition to the eight new songs that we wrote together based on what happened in Central America, the book will also feature music from our two studio albums as well as some alternate versions, b-sides, and covers. Considering the subject of our song "Hey Regina" (among others) was in Central America with Tyler-- as well as a contributing writer to the book-- you can see why our music was intimately involved from the beginning (Hey Regina, please don't kill us for mentioning that). 

Tyler will also be maintaining a Tumblr throughout the run of TROT where he'll discuss the events described in the book, and other related stories. Plus, we'll be using that site and this one as a place to post some recordings we've been sitting on for a while which capture the actual recording process of some of our songs. We thought it might be interesting to share, and we'll all be providing some commentary to them. 

You can sign up for reminders for TROT here (whether you're interested in just the music, the book, or both), which is also where the main site will be on 6/24. Our new songs will appear each Wednesday beginning 6/25 on that site, here on this site, and our Bandcamp page. They will also eventually show up on traditional places like iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, etc., but we haven't yet decided whether or not we'll distribute them in those places each week, or wait to compile them to the end. We'll let you know what we decide. 

We're excited to share our portion of this project. It's been a while since we've released any new music, and it feels good. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages for future updates, or sign on to our mailing list at the top right of this page. Hope you enjoy it... 

(PS, you may or may not have noticed, but now both theamendsmusic.com and theamendsband.com take you here to our site)