"Pulled From The Ruins," the longest EP in the world, is here!

We've compiled all the singles which accompanied "The Ruins of Tropicalia" (plus many bonus tracks) have been compiled into a very long EP called "Pulled From The Ruins." Click Play above, or go to Bandcamp to download (pay what you want, including free). You can also download it at iTunes or Amazon, or stream it at Rhapsody or Spotify.  


"The Ruins of Tropicalia" has also been compiled into a single volume. Details on that here

Here are the liner notes from "Pulled From The Ruins":

Pulled From The Ruins is the longest EP in the world (probably), clocking in at just over 70 minutes. Everyone knows--having been proven long ago and time and again by MATH--that quantity equals quality. So...you’re welcome. 

We didn’t want to tout it as a full album because only the first nine tracks are new, original songs; and only the first seven are studio recordings (the other two were recorded live in generally less-than-ideal circumstances in Tropicalia without the full band). These nine songs comprise a soundtrack of sorts to The Ruins of Tropicalia, the serialized book which I co-wrote and edited. But they’re also meant to stand on their own. The first seven songs in particular are us rediscovering our collective voice after a too-long period of inactivity, partially caused by my retreat to Tropicalia. And a lot happened down there that needed more than mere words to properly describe. Thus, we began the hard but rewarding work of rescuing what we could from the ruins of Tropicalia. 

PFTR begins with those seven full band songs. They’re followed by two “field recordings” made in Tropicalia during the events described in the book. “‘Hey,’ Regina Said” came about when Regina Porter (a fellow TROT co-writer) told me she had a rebuttal to the song we recorded on our first album that might have been about her. I wrote “Satellite Delay” in Tropicalia as my world (and the wider one) began falling apart. Instead of re-recording it with all the guys, we included the raw, live, solo version recorded while some of the climactic events of the book occurred in the background. 

There was still a lot of available album space after the nine new songs. We realized we had a lot of material we wanted to share that we hadn’t yet made widely available. “Heroine” is our attempt to create something new by combining elements of two classic songs--”Heroes” by David Bowie and “Heroin” by The Velvet Underground. “Hold Me Up” was released on a now-unavailable EP called Signal. “Hey My” is a raw rock song that happened to be one of the very first songs we wrote as a band--though it’s mostly Drew’s baby. “Sweetheartbreaker” is another early song; one of the few I sang before I realized it was better to leave the singing to the pro. The final track on PFTR includes several renditions of already-released songs from Amends live shows, but ends with an impromptu guest vocal performance by Nigel Bumberpatch... 

We hope you enjoy these songs, and we thank you for your continued support. 

Watch the skies. 

- Tyler (& Drew, Chris & Shay)