NOTES: Timed comments in the player indicate where each new snippet/song starts. If easier, you can listen directly on Soundcloud here. Brief info/description of each song is below the player. If you click on each song title, a new window will open a Bandcamp page to play that entire song. You can also easily listen to our entire albums on the platform of your choice by clicking on "+LISTEN" in the navigation menu above. Fully tagged versions of songs are available upon request, as well as text/spreadsheet metadata for all songs.

00:00-00:32   “REAL LIFE”:  Driving, riff-y rock song about striving for something more meaningful; snippet is from the end of the song, after the breakdown/bridge

00:33-01:14   “DANCE”:  Fast, rollicking, lusty, high-energy, bar band/punk/classic rock hybrid; snippet is the song's climax, featuring a flourish of twin piano and guitar solos

01:15-02:28   “MAKE IT SO”:  Upbeat, mid-tempo tune with a catchy guitar hook that twists and morphs throughout; snippet is first verse and chorus

02:29-02:54   “HEY REGINA”:  Anthemic 90s-ish power pop, between Fountains Of Wayne and Cheap Trick, though name-specific chorus won't lend itself easily to placement; snippet is the song's intro

02:55-04:32   “MORE TO GIVE”:  Starts simple and gentle, but builds into something of a catchy, driving epic (though still just two chords) with catchy, sing-a-along, inspirational lyrics; snippet is the climax of the song 

04:33-05:16   “TICK TOCK”:  Steady but intense, based on a catchy hook and driving riff, almost custom-built to accompany an action scene; snippet is the song's intro

05:17-06:02   “IT'D BE NICE”:  Chicago-style blues with a (somewhat profane) twist; snippet covers the breakdown, build, and solo

06:03-07:05   “DREAMER”:  Pretty, wistful, and romantic; snippet is from the soaring and twisty guitar solo in the middle section 

07:06-08:17   “HOTEL LOBBY”:  Starts with and built around an earworm of a piano riff and upbeat, lustful lyrics, but ultimately turns into a fairly huge epic; snippet is from the first verse and chorus

08:18-09:19   “SECOND TAKE”:  Crunchy rock song with fraught with tension from tightly controlled (slow-fast-slow) dynamics until erupting into a frenzied, guitar solo finish; snippet is from first verse and chorus

09:20-10:20   “A CERTAIN SPEED”:  Fast, driving riff-rock a la The Black Keys, The Hives, or Arctic Monkeys; snippet is from intro, first verse, and chorus 

10:21-11:01   “FALL MY WAY”:  A slow, contemplative, minor-key start eventually gives way to a hopeful, upbeat, almost Tom Petty-ish finale; snippet is from the second half of that finale

11:02-11:52   “DOWN IN THE WATER”:  Buzzy guitar hooks and catchy bass-lines anchor a romantic, nostalgic, poppy mood that eventually builds into a desperate plea; snippet is from the breakdown to the end of the song

11:53-12:20   “DANDELION MAN”:  A ballad with a clean, bright guitar and piano melody throughout; snippet is from the intro

12:21-12:54   “WHEN SHE'S GONE”:  A wistful pop song with a sing-a-long chorus, driven by piano and bass hooks; snippet is the chorus

12:55-14:08   “BIG CITY WAY”:  Modern, indie, riff-rock broken up by an extended, mellow classic rock-style breakdown; snippet is tail end of the riff through first half of breakdown

14:09-15:07   “BORED & MEAN AGAIN”:  A poppy, upbeat, piano-driven mood disguises regretful, melancholic lyrics about a lost relationship; snippet is first verse and chorus

15:08-15:45   “DESPERATE TIMES”:  Somewhat country-ish, with the associated downtrodden but upbeat lyrics; snippet is one of the choruses

15:46-17:32   “COME & SEE”:  A massive, full-throated, deal-with-the-devil, classic-rock epic anchored by a dark piano riff, buoyed by pounding drums, and climaxing with an extended guitar solo; snippet is from song's climax